Beauty is composed of unison and clarity, function, sense and expendience as well as the vague and mystical. Inspired by this variety, life and society, emerges a collage. The design are a combination of classical elements from men and women‘s fashion with freshly concieved lines, materials and details composed of valuable refinements along with Tosca Wyss‘s own take on conventional Patterns. Her collections are a reflection of the modern society that will be relevant in the future. The garments creates a balance between commercial and conceptual elements, that surprise with there intricacies and subtlety.

Tosca Wyss is currently taking her Master Degree of Fashion Design at the University of Art and Design Weissensee, in Berlin, where she will postgraduate in October 2014. After finalizing her apprenticeship as a tailor in 2008, she attended the, Institute of Fashion Design (FHNW) in Basel, Switzerland, where she graduated with Bachelor Degree in 2012. During her education she gained various workexperiences for boutique labels in New York, Paris, Berlin and Vienna. Before starting her MA studies she was working as the design assistant of the Berlin based label Studio Laend Phuengkit.